Lanng & Stelman Develop N e w Remote Monitoring System

The Danish firm of Lanng & Stelman, a member of the Sabroe Group, has announced the recent introduction of an automatic remote control and monitoring system for cargo holds, containers, machinery and cold storage areas aboard ship. The system is presently being installed in 21 new state of the art ships at yards in Denmark, Poland, Brazil and Japan.

The system consists of a network connecting the various shipboard systems to one central position, such as the bridge and/or Chief Engineer's office, where a comprehensive review of system functions is possible. The system can also be coordinated with other electronic units which might monitor the main or auxiliary engines, rudder, bow thruster, or other instruments used in manuevering the ship.

Each event, alarm or malfunction related to these vital functions are automatically registered in the main system. This allows the Lanng & Stelman computer to communicate with and monitor all the electronic marine equipment connected to it.

All the system computer hardware and software are modular in design and can be adjusted to fit any size of ship. A PC is used as the main computer, adding to the system's adaptable.

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