Barney Evans Opens Public Relations Firm

Barney Evans, widely known as a PR specialist in the maritime field, recently took early retirement from Crowley Maritime Corporation and has opened his own public relations consulting firm at 215 Market Street, Suite 530, San Francisco, Calif.


FMC Launches Another World's Largest Barge

The Marine and Rail Equipment Division of FMC Corporation, Portland, Ore., launched the second in a series of the world's largest roll-on / roll-off (ro / ro) barges on September 9. John E. Carroll, FMC Division president, said: "The triple-deck

Argo Marine Introduces Pollution Control Div

The new Pollution Control Division of Argo Marine, a Division of Argo International Corporation, recently hosted a presentation at the New York Hilton Hotel on pollution equipment. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the new division of Argo Marine,

E.M. Hood Reports Shipbuilders Optimistic Over Long-Term Future

In his year-end statement, Edwin M. Hood, president and board chairman of the Shipbuilders Council of America, a national trade association representing the nation's major commercial shipyards and suppliers of marine equipment and materials, stated, in part: "U.

$28-Million Contract Awarded To Equitable

Secretary of Commerce Juanita M. Kreps has announced the award of a $28,542,000 contract to Equitable Shipyards, Inc., New Orleans, La., to construct three breakbulk cargo ships for American Atlantic Shipping, Inc. of New York, N.Y. The Maritime Administration (MarAd), an agency of the U.

Delta SS Awards Contract To Equitable For 50 LASH Barges

Equitable Equipment Company, Inc. was recently awa-rded a second contract to construct an additional 50 LASH barges for Delta Steamship Lines, Inc. The barges will be built at Equitable's New Orleans, La., shipyard. Equitable Equipment Company is

British Firm Sells Survey Technique To Maritime Administration

U.K.-based international shipyard consultants A and P Appled o r e ( A P A ) have sold t h e i r shipbuilding technology survey technique to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Maritime Administration. The survey technique is a system developed by

Erie Basin Bargeport, New Facility, To Open For Ship Repair, Marine Services

The now-idle Erie Basin-Port Authority Marine Terminal on the Brooklyn waterfront will be returned to maritime use as a marine support services center for tugboats, towboats and barges, Port Authority chairman Richard C. Leone recently announced.

Lanng & Stelman Develop N e w Remote Monitoring System

The Danish firm of Lanng & Stelman, a member of the Sabroe Group, has announced the recent introduction of an automatic remote control and monitoring system for cargo holds, containers, machinery and cold storage areas aboard ship. The system

M A R I T I M E R E P O R T E R P u r c h a s es N e w a n d L a r g e r W o r ld H e a d q u a r t e r s O f f i c es

MARITIME REPORTER/ Engineering News recently announced it has purchased new and larger world headquarters offices in New York City. The new location will house the executive, editorial and advertising staff responsible for worldwide publishing

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